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Emily Haan, Esq.

Supervising Family Law Staff Attorney

Emily Haan is the Supervising Family Law Staff Attorney at NCLR, where she litigates family law cases to protect the rights of LGBT parents and their children.  By representing LGBTQ families, Emily fights for a world where all parent-child relationships are protected, regardless of biological connection. As an attorney at NCLR, Emily was part of the team that litigated the precedent setting Supreme Court case, V.L. v. E.L., securing the rights of LGBTQ adoptive parents and their families.  Emily also litigated the important Arizona Supreme Court case, McLaughlin v.  Jones, protecting the rights of non-biological parents in Arizona.  Emily is also a trusted advisor to attorneys across the country who need strategic assistance litigating family law cases involving LGBTQ parents.

Emily began her career in family law when she started at NCLR nearly five years ago,  but she has been a legal advocate for the LGBTQ community for over a decade, starting as law clerk at NCLR while she was a third year law student.  After graduating law school, Emily spent a year as a staff attorney at the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund in New York, advocating for the transgender community.  After working at TLDEF, Emily honed her litigation skills working as an employment attorney at a New York law firm, where she litigated cases in state and federal courts.  While in New York, Emily was an active member of the New York City Bar Association’s LGBT Rights Committee.

Emily is a lifelong social justice advocate. As a young teenager she wrote for a national newsletter that aimed to make comprehensive and inclusive sex education available to all teenagers.  Emily received her B.A., phi beta kappa, from the University of Michigan where she co-founded a campus feminist group and trained fraternities about consent and preventing sexual assault.  Emily received her J.D. from UCLA Law School with a specialization in Critical Race Studies.  At UCLA, Emily was a managing editor of the UCLA Law Review and co-chair of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

Emily is admitted to practice law in New York and California. When she’s not working, Emily enjoys running the playground circuit with her two sons, seeing musicals, and making her east coast friends and family jealous by spending time outside in February.

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