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July 27, 2019

Reversing Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Will Make Us Stronger



September 10, 2018

Massachusetts Could Roll Back Trans Rights This Year — And We Need to Fight Back

* This piece originally appeared in on September 10, 2018. A vote this November on trans rights in Massachusetts could have wide-ranging national consequences. by Shannon Minter & Jennifer Levi This November, Massachusetts voters will be the first anywhere to be asked whether they will retain a statewide law protecting transgender people’s equal access to…



July 30, 2018

Your Voice Matters: Write to Help Transgender Veterans

Providing healthcare to all of our nation’s veterans is the right thing to do.  Federal law requires the Veterans Administration (“VA”) to “furnish hospital care and medical services” to veterans. For most veterans, this means that after serving in the military they receive comprehensive medical care from the VA. Right now, transgender veterans’ healthcare coverage…



July 25, 2018

LGBTQ people must oppose Trump SCOTUS nominee

* This piece originally appeared in the Los Angeles Blade and the Washington Blade on July 12, 2018. On July 9, President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Kennedy, who authored the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision and a number of other landmark LGBT rights cases, was an…


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December 30, 2017

A Note for Those in Our Community Planning to Enlist in the Military

On January 1, for the first time in history, transgender Americans will be able to openly enlist in our nation’s military. This is an incredible moment, and one we can all celebrate. We know that many transgender Americans have been planning and preparing for over a year for this day.  And many others will now…


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November 17, 2016

Transgender Rights Under Trump—What Now?

In the wake of the elections, transgender people across the country are struggling to understand what the future may hold for our communities. In the past two decades—and especially in the past eight years under President Obama—we have made so many gains in employment protections, health care, student rights, family law, asylum, federally funded housing…



November 11, 2016

Now that Trump Has Been Elected, Can Our Marriage Be Undone?

Now that Trump has won the presidential election, we are hearing concerns and fears from many same-sex couples who are concerned that their marriages may be challenged or invalidated.  We are also hearing from couples who are not yet married, but worried that they may lose the right to marry under a Trump administration. While…


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April 7, 2016

North Carolina’s War Against Gender-Nonconforming People

Last month, North Carolina enacted HB2, one of the most viciously anti-civil rights laws in the country. In addition to repealing local minimum wage laws and local protections for LGBT people, HB2 stripped women, people of color, and other protected groups of the ability to bring discrimination cases in state courts. HB2 also openly attacked…



November 15, 2012

Wedlocked No More! Maryland Victory Sheds Light On An Emerging Issue for Married Same-Sex Couples Across the Country

Every year, more states and countries allow same-sex couples to marry. But in the states that continue to bar same-sex couples from marriage, a new legal question is emerging: will the state permit married same-sex couples to divorce, even though it will not allow them to marry? If not, these couples are stuck in a…


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May 21, 2012

An NAACP Announcement for Equality

Here at NCLR, we know that LGBT people of color face some of the greatest injustices our movement strives to address. Racial and economic oppression mean that LGBT people of color are often poorer, have worse health outcomes, and are more vulnerable to hate crimes than their white counterparts. LGBT youth of color face harsh…


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