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Asylum & Immigration

Case: In re S.K.

STATUS: Pending, Pakistan, Board of Immigration Appeals

NCLR filed an amicus brief in support of a Pakistani gay man with HIV who was originally denied asylum relief on the basis that he could escape persecution by hiding his sexuality.


Asylum & Immigration

Case: In re S.H.

STATUS: Pending, Bosnia

NCLR is helping S.H., a lesbian from Bosnia who came to the United States in 2006 to escape the oppressive and abusive conditions she faced because of her sexual orientation in her home country.


Asylum & Immigration

Case: In re Eduardo

STATUS: Pending, Mexico

NCLR assists Eduardo, a transgender man from Mexico, in his asylum application. Eduardo could not earn a diploma because of his gender identity, and his life was threatened before he fled to the U.S.


Additional Civil Rights

Case: John Doe v. Alberto Gonzales

STATUS: Pending, Egypt, U.S. Third Circuit

NCLR assists John Doe, a gay Egyptian man, with his withholding of removal case after the Board of Immigration Appeals denied his application. This denial would send Doe back to Egypt, where gay men are frequently arrested and subjected to violence.


Family & Relationships

Case: Hollingsworth v. Perry

STATUS: Victory, U.S. Supreme Court

NCLR filed an amicus brief in Perry v. Brown asking federal appeals court to overturn Proposition. 8 because it violates the Constitution. NCLR also filed amicus briefs to persuade Ninth Circuit Court to uphold Judge Walker’s opinion.


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