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Legislation: Comprehensive Immigration Reform

STATUS: Pending, Federal

NCLR is committed to comprehensive and humane immigration reform that provides a pathway forward for the 11 million undocumented people living and working in this U.S., including at least 267,000 who identify as LGBT.

NCLR is working closely with the broader immigration movement to develop and pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation that will create a workable immigration system for all immigrants and their families. We have actively tried to dismantle the assumption that there are only certain immigration issues that are relevant to the LGBT community and, instead, have focused on the fact that the LGBT community has a direct stake in immigration reform broadly. We have spoken and written on this issue extensively, and we have participated in several actions and rallies designed to bring attention to this critically important issue.

NCLR has also joined with several of our colleague organizations to form a coalition specifically dedicated to elevating the voices of LGBT undocumented people to make sure that immigration reform is seen as a crucial issue for the LGBT community. We are a member of the coordinating committee for the Alliance for Citizenship, the leading immigration reform coalition that is working closely with Congress and the administration in the development of legislation.

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