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Policy: Domestic Violence and Housing

STATUS: Pending, Federal

The National Center for Lesbian Rights recognizes that domestic violence is an issue in the LGBT community, and it sometimes impacts access to housing for the survivor. Because of misconceptions about domestic and intimate partner violence along with preconceived notions about gender, many LGBT victims of domestic violence face additional stigmatization as a result of their experiencing this type of violence. Too often, housing providers unfairly use instances of domestic violence as a pretext to unlawfully discriminate in housing.

NCLR has partnered with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to make it clear that this discrimination is illegal, and to raise awareness about how domestic violence and domestic violence housing discrimination look in the LGBT community. First, NCLR helped to educate HUD staff by hosting a brown bag lunch presentation on this issue. NCLR then worked with HUD to create a training on domestic violence in the LGBT community and its relationship to housing discrimination that was broadcast and made available to regional HUD staff, housing providers, and community members across the country.

This training can be viewed here:

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