Achieving LGBTQ Equality Through Litigation, Legislation, Policy, and Public Education

Summary & History

State Legislation & Policy

Legislation: School Success and Opportunity Act

STATUS: Victory, California

On February 22, 2013, California Assemblymember Tom Ammiano introduced the School Success and Opportunity Act—Assembly Bill 1266—to ensure that transgender students are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. The bill requires that school district provide transgender students with access to restrooms, locker rooms, and other sex-separated activities based on their gender identity. By specifically spelling out those protections, transgender students throughout California can reach their full potential and focus on learning.

All students should have a fair chance to fully participate and succeed in school so that they can graduate with their classmates. Despite having strong antidiscrimination protections in California, school districts throughout the state are denying transgender students that opportunity. Being singled out and treated differently than their peers is detrimental to a transgender student’s psychological, social, and academic wellbeing and development. Once this bill is signed, transgender students will have the protections they need to thrive in school.

Since being introduced in February, the bill has passed both houses of the state legislature. The bill was delivered to Governor Jerry Brown on August 1, 2013. The governor signed the bill into law on August 12, 2013. The law went into effect on January 1, 2014.

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