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Say No to Discrimination in California

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It’s not just Indiana, North Carolina, and Mississippi where businesses and colleges are claiming “religious freedom” as grounds to ignore anti-discrimination law.

We are seeing it here in California as well.

Seven religiously-oriented colleges and universities up and down the state have obtained waivers under the federal Title IX, which bans discrimination based on gender— including against LGBT people—at academic institutions that receive federal government funding. The waivers allow these schools to discriminate against students, faculty, and staff for being LGBT despite federal law that prohibits such discrimination.

While California law prohibits funding or financial assistance to schools that discriminate, these seven colleges and universities are still receiving Cal Grant funding.

Assembly Bill 1888, authored by Assemblymember Evan Low and sponsored by NCLR and Equality California, would prohibit Cal Grant funding to institutions that have obtained a license to discriminate from the federal government. It is currently facing a critical vote in the California Assembly Appropriations Committee.

We Need Your Help Now! Please direct tweet Appropriations Committee members asking them to stop discrimination against LGBT people in California:

Together, we can make sure that California’s protections against discrimination apply to LGBT people everywhere in California.



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