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The Final Nail in the Coffin of Conversion Therapy

FTC Complaint

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Today, we did something historic. Something that could move our five-year timeline to end conversion therapy up by years and save thousands of lives. Something that could very well end these dangerous and discredited practices once and for all—right now.

Today, we filed a 39-page complaint with the Federal Trade Commission alleging that the organization People Can Change—along with the entire conversion therapy industry—use unethical and deceptive practices in violation of laws designed to protect consumers from fraud.

This historic complaint, filed along with our partners at the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Human Rights Campaign, as well as Cooley LLP, is not only the first clear legal opportunity the Obama Administration has had to end these deadly practices for good, but, if investigated to the fullest extent of the law, could be the end of the entire conversion therapy industry.

In 2014 when we launched our #BornPerfect campaign, we set out with an ambitious goal to end a deadly practice linked to depression, substance abuse, and suicide by the end of 2019. And with your faith and support, we have been able to make history time and time again. Today, we could well be seeing the first light of a new day dawning.

We know the road ahead won’t be easy. In response to the extraordinary legal progress of the last few years, we’ve seen our opponents come out in force in states across the country, working around the clock to pass laws targeting the most vulnerable LGBTQ youth and beat back bills that would protect them. But, with you by our side, we’ve won every battle. And, with you by our side, we’re going to win the war.

Let’s finish this.

Sam Ames, Staff Attorney & #BornPerfect Campaign Coordinator

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