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LGBT Sports Coalition Urges CrossFit to Allow Chloie Jönnson to Compete Against Women

(Chicago, March 14, 2014)—The LGBT Sports Coalition calls for fitness company CrossFit to reverse its decision to force one of...


Attempt to Repeal the School Success and Opportunity Act Fails

(San Francisco, CA, February 24, 2014)—Today, the effort to repeal the School Success and Opportunity Act—California’s new law ensuring that...


New Model Policy For the School Success and Opportunity Act Helps Schools Support All Students

(San Francisco, CA., February 13, 2014)—Today, the Support All Students campaign—including a broad coalition of nearly 100 state and national...


Maine Supreme Court Supports Opportunities for Transgender Youth

Today, transgender students, their parents, and educators in California celebrated a Maine Supreme Court decision ensuring that all young people—including those who are transgender—should have the same opportunities to do well in school and graduate.



Overcoming Injustice: CeCe McDonald and Our Culture of Violence

This week, CeCe McDonald was released early after being unjustly sentenced to forty-one months in prison in May 2012 after...


Transgender Family Law in the U.S.

A fact sheet for transgender spouses, partners, parents, and youth. Open pdf


Students and Families Optimistic That School Success and Opportunity Act (AB1266) Will Remain Law

Transgender students, and their parents, educators and friends today are both relieved and concerned that that while the California School Success and Opportunity Act (AB 1266), which helps schools better understand how to provide a fair opportunity for transgender students to participate and succeed, failed to qualify for a referendum based on a random count of signatures but may still qualify depending on the outcome of a full count of the signatures.



Jelly Belly Chair: Stop Hurting Kids

Want to hear something really scary? This Halloween, there is one treat that is actually a dangerous trick that could...


Make a Promise to Support All Students

Make a promise to support all students, and decline to sign any action from opponents who are trying to stand in the way of students' success and even their ability to graduate from high school.


Sacramento Votes 4-0 to Pass New Non-Discrimination Policy

(Sacramento, CA, October 15, 2013)—Today, the city of Sacramento’s Law and Legislative Committee voted 4-0 to strengthen its protections against discrimination on the basis of a person’s gender identity, incorporating and augmenting existing protections under state law.


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