Achieving LGBTQ Equality Through Litigation, Legislation, Policy, and Public Education


National Safe Schools Roundtable Statement of Anti-Racist Framework

A statement from the National Safe Schools Roundtable about its commitment to addressing issues of race and racism as an integral part of its work to improve the wellbeing of LGBT youth in schools. Download PDF


Bridging the Gap between Rights and Reality for Youth Incarcerated in California

This article, published in the Winter 2008 edition of the U.C. Davis Journal of Juvenile Law & Policy, discusses the rights of youth in the juvenile justice system, as well as summarizing the components of California SB 518, the California Juvenile Justice Safety and Protection Act. Download PDF


SB 518 Fact Sheet: The California Juvenile Justice Safety and Protection Act

This bill provides a comprehensive bill of rights to protect youth in California juvenile justice facilities from discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and gender Identity. Download PDF


LGBTQ Youth in the California Foster Care System: A Question and Answer Guide

This question and answer guide is designed to address many of the frequently-asked questions about protecting LGBTQ youth in the California foster care system from harassment and discrimination. Download PDF


OHYAC Training of Trainers Curriculum: Creating Inclusive Services for LGBT Youth in Out of Home Care

NCLR, in collaboration with Legal Services for Children and Family Builders by Adoption, spearheaded a task force that addressed the needs of LGBTQ youth and families involved in the Bay Area foster care system. The task force’s priority was implementation of AB 458, the California Foster Care Non-Discrimination Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis…


Queer & Trans Youth in California Foster Care Have Rights: A Know Your Rights Guide

NCLR, in collaboration with the Out of Home Youth Advocacy Council and California Youth Connection, produced this guide to help queer and transgender youth in the California foster care system navigate their rights. Contact NCLR if you would like to order hard copies to distribute in your area. Download PDF


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Young People in State Custody: Making the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems Safe for All Youth through Litigation, Advocacy and Education

Over the last few years, a coordinated national effort to improve the treatment of LGBT youth in child welfare and juvenile justice systems situation has emerged through the hard work of hundreds of advocates from around the country. This article describes some of their successes in using the legal rights of LGBT youth to create…


And by the Way, Do You Know He Thinks He’s a Girl? The Failures of Law, Policy, and Legal Representation for Transgender Youth in Juvenile Delinquency Courts

Because of the persistence of bias and discrimination against transgender people generally, the societal lack of understanding of gender and sexuality, and a distrust of difference, transgender youth are at high risk for involvement in the juvenile justice system. For many of these youth, their gender identity is relevant both to why they were arrested…

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