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A.G. v. County of Los Angeles

A.G.’s complaint states that on January 6. 2015, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department entered A.G.’s father’s home and used...


K.M.M. v. K.E.W.

K.M.M. and K.E.W. were in a committed same-sex relationship and had a child through assisted reproduction using an anonymous sperm...


Pidgeon v. Turner

In 2013, Houston mayor Annise Parker directed that same-sex spouses of city employees who were legally married in another state...


Case: Pavan v. Smith

Marisa and Terrah Pavan were legally married in New Hampshire in 2011. The Pavans were living in Arkansas in 2015...


McLaughlin v. McLaughlin

Suzan McLaughlin and Kimberly McLaughlin were a married lesbian couple who had a child using artificial insemination with an anonymous...


Case: Reed v. KRON/IBEW Local 45 Pension Plan, Pension Committee of the Kron/IBEW Local 45 Pension Plan, and Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.

On August 9, 2016, the widower of a former KRON4 employee sued Young Broadcasting of San Francisco and the KRON/IBEW...


Case: Pritchard v. IUOE Stationary Engineers Pension Plan

On January 22, 2016, the widower of a hotel telecommunications engineer in San Francisco sued the IUOE Stationary Engineers Local...


Case: McGaw v. McGaw

Melissa and Angela McGaw are two women who were in a long term relationship and had twins through donor insemination. ...


Case: Chin v. Armstrong

Florida law requires the Office of Vital Statistics to list a birth mother’s husband on the child’s birth certificate. After...


Case: E.L. v. V.L.

On March 7th 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court Unanimously Reversed Alabama’s Refusal to Recognize V.L.’s Out-of-State Adoption E.L. and V.L. are...


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