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Allison Rowland

Dr. Allison Rowland

Board Member

Dr. Allison Rowland is currently the founder and consultant for Courageous Projects.  Her work creates the conditions for transformation within organizations to catalyze more inclusive, thriving, empowered workplaces and communities.  Allison supports leaders, teams, and organizations to move beyond their current limitations so they can better meet their missions that matter.  Her clients include non-profits, school systems, government, and private companies.

Prior to consulting, Allison led at the local, state, and national level in public education to support greater equity and more powerful learning for students most marginalized by our education system.  As an educator, Allison was a founding teacher and then the principal at City Arts and Tech High School in San Francisco.  She subsequently led professional learning as the Vice President of Teaching and Learning at Envisions Schools.  At New Tech Network, she also supported the scaling of a performance assessment system focused on engagement and equity across 150 schools in twenty-two states. 

Allison holds a Doctorate in Education Leadership from Harvard University, a Master’s in Education from Stanford University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Williams College.  She lives in San Francisco. 

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