National Center for Lesbian Rights

Maxie Bee, Legal Assitant

Maxie Bee she / her / hers

Legal Assistant

Maxie has been with NCLR as an intern since January 2019 and was hired in October of the same year as a full time legal assistant. Her work at NCLR includes (but is not limited to) maintaining the organization’s legal calendar and docket, translating documents and correspondence, assisting with legal research, and processing and assisting callers via NCLR’s legal helpline.

She graduated in 2016 from San Francisco State University with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and an academic certification in Contemporary Latin-American History from La Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Maxie studied abroad in Santiago, Chile for two semesters the year before she graduated, where she strengthened her Spanish and focused her passion in fighting injustice and inequality.

Maxie also organizes around SF Pride and local labor issues in her own time, and she looks forward to continuing to deepen her understanding of the myriad intersectional struggles facing marginalized communities, both local and otherwise, and to continue the fight against systemic oppression however she can.

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