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On March 7th 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court Unanimously Reversed Alabama’s Refusal to Recognize V.L.’s Out-of-State Adoption E.L. and V.L. are two women who were in a long term relationship and had three children through donor insemination. The non-biological mother, V.L., adopted the children in Georgia. When the parents later broke up, the biological mother, E.L., kept V.L. from seeing the children. V.L. sought visitation in Alabama, where the family lives. E.L. opposed her...


James Strawser and John Humphrey applied for a marriage license in Mobile County, Alabama, but were denied. Strawser faced significant health issues. Despite having a medical power of attorney, Humphrey was told by a hospital where Strawser was receiving medical treatment that they would not honor the document because Humphrey was not a family member or spouse. The couple filed a federal challenge to Alabama’s marriage ban, a companion case to a case filed by Mobile couple Cari Searcy...


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