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NCLR’S 44th Anniversary Celebration: Champions for Justice 2021

May 8, 2021VirtualTBA

For more than four decades, NCLR has made our communities more just and equitable.

Fighting for justice doesn’t just happen in the courts, in elected chambers or in political arenas. Radical change in systems is sparked by radical change in hearts and minds.

The first to create LGBTQ centered programs in immigration and asylum, sports, youth and family law, NCLR sees a path to equality in each of us.

A leader in LGBTQ reproductive justice, anti-poverty efforts and eradicating conversion therapy, NCLR seeks to build bridges to change and work in coalition with other social justice movements to create future lifetimes free from oppression.

We must not simply reform but transform systems that perpetuate inequality. NCLR works tirelessly to change laws, policies and opinions in support of LGBTQ justice.

Though we cannot celebrate in person, our need for community does not stop. Join us today, and become an NCLR 2021 Champion for Justice.

Individual Tickets

We haven’t released individual tickets – yet. If you’re on our mailing list or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, keep an eye out for future announcements about this year’s virtual festivities.

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