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Make a Promise to Support All Students

promiseOpponents of California’s new School Success and Opportunity Act are trying to block students’ chances to be successful by misleading the public and spreading misinformation in their attempt to repeal the new law.

This is where you can help. 

We’re asking you to make a promise to support all students, and decline to sign any action from opponents who are trying to stand in the way of students’ success and even their ability to graduate from high school.

After you make your promise, please consider sharing this email with your family and friends, letting them know that you care about this issue and about students in your community, and then ask them to stand alongside you in support of all students.

Before Gov. Jerry Brown signed the law this summer, many transgender students were excluded from being able to fully participate in school programs and activities.
The School Success and Opportunity Act makes sure schools understand that transgender students—just like all students—must be provided with a supportive school environment where they can fully participate, including taking part in physical education classes and earning credits needed to graduate.

Extreme, anti-LGBT groups that were instrumental in Proposition 8—including the National Organization for Marriage, the Capital Resource Institute, and several conservative churches—are now trying to collect signatures in a referendum attempt.

Please consider making the promise to stand against those trying to block students’ success, then add the above Facebook photo to your timeline to show you support all students, and tweet: “I made a promise to support transgender students. Stand with me. #AB1266”

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