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We Just Won at the U.S. Supreme Court … Again

We just won our second U.S. Supreme Court case in less than nine months!Alabama Reversal Decision Meme

This morning the nation’s highest Court unanimously reversed Alabama’s refusal to recognize our client’s Georgia adoption of her three children.

Today’s decision—on the heels of our Supreme Court marriage win in June—is a victory not only for our client but for thousands of adopted families throughout the country.

Our client was in a long-term same-sex relationship in which she and her partner planned for and raised three children together, using donor insemination. To ensure that both had secure parental rights, our client, the non-biological mother, adopted the couples’ three children in Georgia in 2007. When the two later broke up, the other mother kept our client from visiting their children and argued that Alabama should not recognize the Georgia adoption.

Last fall the Alabama State Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Roy Moore, issued an unprecedented decision refusing to recognize an adoption by a same-sex couple from another state. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed that appalling decision and restored our client’s parental rights.

This is what a backlash looks like. But we will never back down. We have justice on our side, and rest assured, we will be there every step of the way to fight for equality and stand up to those who want to turn back the clock. And we will make as many trips to the U.S. Supreme Court as it takes to protect our community.




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