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FAQ Publications

NCLR produces a number of publications to address issues that regularly come up for LGBT community members. The following publications...


Protecting Your Family After Marriage Equality: What You Need To Know

We have seen unprecedented advances in equality for same-sex couples with marriage now equally open to same-sex couples in the...


Report on the United States of America’s Compliance with Its Human Rights Obligations in the Area of the Family Relationships of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People

NCLR’s report to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations regarding the United States’ compliance with its human rights...


NCLR Applauds the Oklahoma Supreme Court for Allowing Same-Sex Parents to Seek Custody

(Oklahoma City, OK, November 12, 2014)—In a victory for all LGBT families in Oklahoma, the state’s Supreme Court ruled today...


Transgender Family Law in the U.S.

A fact sheet for transgender spouses, partners, parents, and youth. Open pdf



The Schedules That Work Act

Involuntary part-time work. Unpredictable schedules. Fear of employer retaliation for taking time away to care for a sick child. These...


Reproductive Justice Means Fully Protecting All Families Under the Law

Hobby Lobby is not the beginning—nor  the end—of laws controlling the reproductive choices of oppressed groups and privileging the reproductive choices...


New Jersey Court Recognizes that Bonded Stepparents can Maintain Contact with Children they Have Raised

(Trenton, NJ, August 6, 2014)—Today, an appellate court in New Jersey issued a decision recognizing that a same-sex stepparent who...


Policy Statements Supporting Adoption by Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People

A compilation of policy statements from professional associations and organizations supporting adoption by Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual people. Organizations include:...



Every Child Deserves a Family—Respect the Right to Parent

November is National Adoption Month, and there are currently more LGBT parents waiting to adopt than there are children in...


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