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Carol and Julie are sisters who grew up in Nebraska and now have a family practice in Dallas, Texas with a three-decade history at one of the world’s leading financial management and advisory companies. Their team, The Meyer Group, specializes in developing investment solutions for the unique financial planning issues of their LGBTQ clientele.

Why do you support LGBTQ civil and human rights?

Seven years ago we were invited by our local manager to represent the firm on the Diversity and Inclusion Council. It was through our work on the Council that we learned of the civil and human rights issues that face the LGBTQ community and the decision from there was
an easy one. The discrimination facing the LGBTQ community just isn’t right—and we are very proud of our work. We have helped raise awareness within our straight community and our firm and are now a national sponsor of NCLR and many other LGBTQ organizations.

When and how did you first hear about NCLR?

We met Kate Kendell at the Astraea Global convention when it was in Dallas years ago and will never forget it. Last year several of our clients and friends invited us to be on the host committee for the NCLR fundraiser in Dallas in the fall of 2011—where I believe they broke some records playing poker (only in Dallas)!

What inspired your first gift to NCLR, and is there anything in particular about NCLR that has motivated you to continue giving through the years?

When we learned of the good work and far- reaching accomplishments NCLR brings to the community—the checkbook came out. Then when Eleanor and Kate honored us with an invitation to their headquarters in San Francisco, we were so blown away with the impressive credentials and genuine spirit of the volunteers and entire team of attorneys who clearly could be making a great deal more money in the private sector.

We learned that NCLR is much more far-reaching in who they represent (not just lesbians as we originally thought), and include young adults and others deserving to be aided in whatever issues they may be facing, so this makes us even more committed to partner with this wonderful organization.

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

In Dallas, having lunch on a patio with our fun and interesting pals. Or in San Francisco taking the ferry to Sausalito and having lunch on the water!

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