Cases & Advocacy

K.M.M. v. K.E.W.

Status: Closed

Outcome: Victory

Location: Missouri

Kathleen and Kate were a same-sex couple who conceived a child together through assisted reproduction. Kate gave birth to their child, who they raised together until the couple broke up when then child was almost three years old. Because Kate and Kathleen were unmarried and Kathleen did not adopt their child, Kathleen sought visitation as a so-called “third party” under Missouri law.

The trial court denied Kathleen’s request for visitation but the Missouri Court of Appeal reversed, holding that the trial court failed to consider the best interests of the child. In January 2019, the case settled, allowing Kathleen and her child to begin visitation again. NCLR, along with Michelle Spirn of Growe Eisen Karlen Eilerts, LLC, represented Kathleen on appeal.