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Get to know your fellow National Center for Lesbian Rights champions!

Pat has worked for 30 years in local government management and is currently the City Manager of Daly City. Bev is a Psychiatric Social Worker with Kaiser Permanente and has had a private therapy practice in San Francisco.

Why do you support LGBTQ civil and human rights?

The quality of our lives as Latina lesbians and those of future generations of LGBTQ people depends on the efforts that we put forth today to achieve full equality in our society. The vigilance that NCLR demonstrates in tackling discrimination and inequality wherever it may arise is important because it empowers all of us in ways that may not be possible on an individual level.

When and how did you first hear about NCLR?

While working on the development of the San Francisco LGBTQ Community Center as a Founding Board Member in the mid-90’s, NCLR was a strong supporter of and collaborator in our efforts. Although we had known about NCLR prior to that time, we became more interested in NCLR’s work through the LGBTQ Center connection and started attending the Annual Dinner.

What inspired your first gift to NCLR, and is there anything in particular about NCLR that has motivated you to continue giving through the years?

With the successful opening of The Center, we felt it was time to direct our energy and support to other important community work. NCLR became a focal point because of the many inspiring stories and accomplishments that we learned about by attending the Annual Dinner. NCLR being at the forefront in addressing LGBTQ civil and human rights issues has kept us engaged, particularly as it relates to marriage equality. Since we were among the fortunate couples to get married pre-Prop 8, it has cemente{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:1,”srcClientId”:”08970469-740c-43d1-83da-5841cf629092″,”srcRootClientId”:””}d our resolve to continue to support NCLR’s work.

What are your hopes for LGBTQ people in the next few years?

Our hope is that LGBTQ people will achieve full equality in every aspect of their lives and that being LGBTQ will no longer be a stigma to being viewed as valued and respected members of society.

What do you like most about giving monthly via the Sustainer Fund to NCLR?

To know that our support is assisting with the important ongoing work of NCLR. We also really enjoy the access to conference call updates on NCLR initiatives as part of our Anniversary Circle membership, and feeling that we are making a difference in the lives of LGBTQ people every day.

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Taking a long walk around Lake Merced with our dog, Buttercup.

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