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Ruth and Dave Waterbury are tireless allies and advocates who live in Minnesota, inspired by their son Marcus, who is also a supporter of NCLR. Ruth is a one-time primary teacher who spent many years volunteering in the arts. Ever since her daughter Margery came out more than 25 years ago, Ruth has been a tireless advocate for family acceptance of LGBTQ members. If your parents need an “attitude adjustment,” sic Ruth on them! Dave is a retired financial advisor and has served on several community and national boards, including YMCA Camp Widgiwagan, Headwaters Foundation for Justice, Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, and Faith in America, as well as the Minnesota Governors Task Force on Gay & Lesbian Minnesotans. Both Ruth and Dave have been active with their college alumni activities and with their church.

Why do you support LGBTQ civil and human rights? 
We truly believe that all people deserve respect, acceptance, and inclusion, and that ALL people deserve “liberty and justice for all.”

When and how did you first hear about NCLR?
Many years ago, from our daughter Margery (now our son Marcus). We were told about the great work that NCLR was doing, especially on lesbian rights. We’ve been very pleased to learn that NCLR’s portfolio has always included transgender issues.

What inspired your first gift to NCLR, and is there anything in particular about NCLR that has motivated you to continue giving through the years?
The focus, dedication, and effectiveness of NCLR in protecting and establishing LGBTQ rights. Also, we think NCLR does an outstanding job overall, cooperating with other organizations, and with more interest in the outcomes than in building an empire. And we think you do a good job with your resources.

What are your hopes for LGBTQ people in the next few years?

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
For Dave, watching baseball. For Ruth, gardening.

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