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In Memory of Stuart Biegel

Stuart Biegel

Stuart Biegel lived his life immersed in learning.  Raised in Los Angeles, Stuart began his lifelong love relationship with UCLA as an undergraduate and spent the bulk of his life and career teaching.  An avid writer, poet, hiker and thinker, Stuart taught in LA public schools before starting his career as a legal professor at his beloved UCLA.

Described as kind and gentle; patient, sensitive and caring; a generous soul always available for an intellectual conversation about a myriad of topics.  Stuart’s passion for teaching was unparalleled.  Students far and wide have shared their stories of his pedagogy, and it is not surprising that in 2012, he earned the University Distinguished Teaching Award.

Stuart affected thousands of lives and advanced social policy not only through his teaching, but also through his writing.  Stuart never became the fiction writer he once wanted to be, but his academic books, along with dozens of articles and reports, have influenced thousands who have read them. 

Stuart’s promotion of civil liberties, inclusive social policy, and education reform did not stop at the University’s gates.  He served on many committees and regularly made generous philanthropic gifts to a range of social justice projects and organizations.  

In death, Stuart followed suit, generously leaving most of his estate to NCLR. Stuart’s belief in our mission, and his respect for our methodology and values, led him to exclusively support NCLR in his legacy giving.

In his last month, Stuart understood that his teaching was winding down and he intended to return to San Francisco to retire, hoping to continue his writing and volunteering work.  Sadly, we lost Stuart too soon — a gifted teacher, a learned scholar, lifelong advocate for social justice and a soft-spoken yet kind and caring friend.  NCLR is beyond honored to steward Stuart Biegel’s legacy and honor a life well lived with the Stuart M. Biegel Clerkship in LGBT Law at NCLR.

Thank you Stuart, for your shining example of community and generosity.