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NOVEMBER 3, 2020

Vote 2020

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2016 showed that elections are incredibly consequential for LGBTQ equality. From selecting legislators that support statewide, comprehensive LGBTQ protections, to selecting Supreme Court Justices who will stand up for our rights, 2020 will be one of the most consequential elections of our lifetimes – with impacts that could reverberate for generations to come. That is why NCLR has partnered with Headcount – a national organization that aims to increase voter registration and promote participation in democracy – on Vote with Pride to make sure every LGBTQ individual who is able to vote is registered and turns out in November. Headcount has developed the following resources to make sure you are able to vote in the General election on November 3.

If your name doesn’t match what’s on your ID

Your voter registration gender marker and name needs to match your State ID. For 378,000 voting-eligible transgender people, that can make voting at the polls uncomfortable, and incongruous with their lived identity.

If you’re not comfortable voting in person

Whether it’s because of COVID or you’re one of the 33% of transgender people who don’t have IDs to match their lived identity and would rather not have to present that ID , your state may allow you to vote by mail.

If you’re experiencing homelessness

It can be confusing to register and vote without a home address. 40% of youth experiencing homelessness are LGBTQ+, and 1 in 5 transgender people will experience homelessness at some point during their lives. Know that even if you are experiencing homelessness, you still have voting rights.

Go to page 17 for your state’s laws.

If you’re formerly incarcerated

LGBTQ+ people are three times as likely to be incarcerated as the general population. Additionally, 300,000 gay and transgender youth are arrested and/or detained each year, of which more than 60% are black or Latino. Whether or not you have been incarcerated, your vote can advocate for those who have been.
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