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Yesenia and Veronica Olivera-Leon have been supporters of NCLR for quite some time. Yesi is a member of NCLR’s National Advisory Board, and they live in Miami and just recently became first-time mothers to twins! Before the twins arrived, we asked Yesi and Vero to take a little time out of their busy preparing-for-babies schedule to tell us about why they support NCLR.

When and how did you first hear about NCLR?
Vero: Yesi joined NCLR’s National Advisory Board several years ago.
Yesi: The event production company I work for, Pandora Events, was looking for a good charity to donate to. We found it in NCLR!

What inspired your first gift to NCLR, and is there anything in particular about NCLR that has motivated you to continue giving through the years? 
Yesi: We found out about NCLR and the work they do and wanted to give to them as a beneficiary of our Girls in Wonderland events in South Florida. We’ve continued the tradition ever since. NCLR does such good work for our community.

What are your hopes for and expectations of NCLR and our movement in the next few years?
Vero: I know that NCLR will continue to lead the way towards equality and justice for ourselves and our families. And on a personal level, I hope for more Family BBQs hosted by NCLR in South Florida!
Yesi: I hope – and expect – that our families will finally get equal rights. And that adoption by LGBTQ people becomes legal in Florida.

What do you tell others about NCLR?
Vero: That NCLR has an amazing army of justice soldiers out there working on our families’ rights, including righting wrongs already committed against us.
Yesi: I tell people all about what NCLR does and how much they have helped all of us.

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