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I want to share with you Vicky’s journey with NCLR—a journey that spans 11 years.

Vicky is only one of the hundreds of LGBTQ immigrants that turn to NCLR desperate for help each year. Your gift today doubled by the Justice and Equality Matching Gift Challenge — will help us continue our vital work for people like her.

Noemi_VickyWe first met Vicky in 2003 after she came to the U.S. seeking asylum from Mexico. She had lived through abuse and violence because of her gender identity and sexual orientation in her home country. In the U.S., Vicky was working as a farm laborer, where she again faced severe anti-LGBTQ harassment.

NCLR stood beside her every step of the way, first securing her asylum status, and then achieving positive changes in her workplace soon after. Finally, we helped her gain permanent residency in 2009. But we didn’t stop there, and just a few weeks ago, with NCLR’s help, her petition for citizenship was granted. Vicky’s nightmare is over.

As I reflect on Vicky’s 11-year journey, I know that your faith in us and your contribution to our work was pivotal for Vicky, and thousands of other LGBTQ immigrants. Please help us continue this important work with a tax-deductible gift now. Remember, any gift made to NCLR by the end of the year will be matched dollar for dollar.

Because of your support, we have literally saved the lives of countless individuals just like Vicky who have turned to us for help.

Our life-saving and life-changing work would not be possible without the people like you. NCLR is made up of committed lawyers and advocates that take on the big cases, challenge legal restrictions and fight for the most vulnerable members of our community. Financial support from individuals funds our work and programs. But it does more that. Knowing that we have thousands of other people who support our mission and stand with us in this fight fuels our dedication and momentum.

Your gift today will support our work for LGBTQ immigrants like Vicky and all of our other programs for youth, families, the elderly the entire LGBTQ community! But please respond today, we just have a few days left before the Justice and Equality Matching Gift Challenge expires.

On behalf of Vicky and the many others you have helped, we thank you.


Kate Kendell, Esq.
NCLR Executive Director

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