July 15, 2019

Contact: Shannon Minter – 415-624-6071; Email sminter@nclrights.org

(Washington,DC)  Today, the Trump administration announced the publication tomorrow of an interim rule that would end asylum protections for most Central American migrants by providing that asylum seekers who pass through another country first will be ineligible for asylum at the U.S. border.  If adopted as a final rule, the regulation would effectively end asylum protections on the southern border.

Statement by Shannon Minter, Legal Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights:

“This will be a death sentence for many LGBTQ people.  This proposed rule is based on the cruel fiction that the very same governments that are brutally persecuting LGBTQ people will give them a fair opportunity to apply for asylum.  In reality, as this administration knows, the rule will cut off any realistic possibility of escaping from life-threatening violence and persecution. It is imperative that anyone who cares about the survival of LGBTQ people in Central America submit comments opposing this rule.”

For more information about how to submit comments opposing the rule, contact NCLR at info@nclrights.org.


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