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Legislation & Policy

upEND Movement

NCLR supports the upEND movement to end the current child welfare system and replace it with a system that focuses on keeping children safe with their families, rather than on separating and regulating families of color. The existing child welfare system disproportionately surveils and separates Black, Native, and LGBTQ families, as well as families whose members have disabilities, causing deep and lasting harm to children and families. Racism is so deeply rooted in child welfare systems’ history, policies, and practices that they are not easily modified or revised. Rather, the system as we know it has to be ended in order to ensure racial equity. The upEND movement was begun by the Center for the Study of Social Policy.


Legislation & Policy

LGBTQ Summit North Dakota

In October 2019, NCLR jointly organized the LGBTQ Summit North Dakota, with Dakota Outright, and North Dakota Human Rights Coalition. Other organizations participating in the summit included Red River Rainbow Seniors, the Pride Collective, the Equality Federation, the Human Rights and American Campaign, the ACLU, and the Trevor Project Foundation for Suicide Prevention. One focus of the summit was youth, and a number of students from several GSAs in the state also participated in the summit and gave a keynote panel about their work.


Legislation & Policy

Rural Pride Summit Vermont

In April 2018, NCLR and Green Mountain Crossroads hosted a Rural Pride Summit in Vermont. Other participating organizations included Outright Vermont, Vermont Legal Aid, Safe Harbor for Trans Teens, Legal Services Law Line of Vermont, Vermont Cares, Pride Center of Vermont, Just Roots Farm, Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform, and Vermont Psychiatric Survivors. Elected officials Bill Lippert and Becca Balint also participated, along with representatives from the offices of Rep. Welch and Sen. Sanders.


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