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Champions for Justice 2024

May 18, 2024

We are creating the world we all deserve.

For four decades, NCLR has been blazing a trail of civil rights wins for all LGBTQ people. Today, we are, quite literally, fighting for our lives.

After years of progress — discrimination protections in housing, education, sports and employment; same-sex marriage, adoption and family building; protecting reproductive rights and ending conversion therapy — we are seeing the gravest backlash.

Transgender youth are now the target, and in states across the country, access to medical care is being denied, participation in Little League is prohibited, and parents and medical providers are at risk of arrest for simply trying to care for children. These efforts are part of a bigger plan. Book bans, revisionist history in schools, and restrictive voting laws, along with the overwhelming efforts to harm LGBTQ people, are collective attempts to discriminate, marginalize, and keep all of us from having a safe space to thrive.

NCLR is fighting tirelessly to stop these efforts.