NCLR’s track record is well-documented.

We are a leading civil rights legal organization at a fraction of the budget of other similar organizations.  NCLR is unique in our feminist perspective and our primary focus on addressing the needs of those most marginalized.  To this end, our fight for LGBTQ justice is for ALL LGBTQ individuals and their families and also addresses the intersectional needs of our community — race, gender, ability, and economics.  Our approach relies on forging alliances with those who appear to think differently but greatly impact the health and well-being of LGBTQ people.  This includes faith-based service providers, conservative state legislatures and educational institutions.  These alliances enable real change in municipalities, institutions, and states where this would otherwise seem impossible.  This work creates lasting and systemic improvements.

We cannot do this without the support of our community.

As we kick off recognition of our 45th Anniversary, we ask you to invest in NCLR through the Justice, Access + Equity Fund.  The Fund will help ensure NCLR’s quick and effective responses to the onslaught of discriminatory legislation sweeping the country.  Your partnership guarantees that we will be there — on the front lines and in the courts, fighting tirelessly for justice, access, and equity for ALL.

Give to the heart of NCLR

Contact Jennifer Bing, Director of Philanthropy with questions or for support in making your investment.

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