Cases & Advocacy

In re G.C.

Status: Closed

Outcome: Victory

Location: Mexico

Jurisdiction + Case Number: San Francisco Asylum Office

G.C. is from Mexico and has been in the United States since 2005. G.C. has suffered so much throughout her life and been targeted for being a masculine lesbian. Because of that past suffering, it is really hard for her to speak about her past experiences, which is why it took her more than ten years to seek legal help. Applying for asylum is a very stressful and often traumatic experience that forces people to recount experiences they would rather forget.

Our Immigration Project team was able to get G.C. to a point where she was finally able to share about what happened to her, which she needed to do in order to answer the questions she would be asked in an asylum interview. It was a very intense and difficult experience for her, but finally in January 2019 her asylum was granted. G.C. is married and her wife also obtained immigration status through her asylum application.