Cases & Advocacy

In re Martin

Status: Closed

Outcome: Asylum Granted

Location: Mexico

Martin is an HIV-positive gay man from Mexico. Martin felt ‘different’ from other boys from a very young age. His father would punish him harshly for “not acting like a boy.” Upon finding out about his son’s homosexuality, Martin’s father beat him, verbally abused him and then kicked him out of the house with no belongings. He was 15 years old. Since then he has had no contact with his family. He moved in with a friend and started working at the age of 16. For three years, he tried his best to survive in a world that was hostile towards him because of his homosexuality. The harassment at work and in the neighborhood became unbearable. When the attacks against him became physically violent, he decided to leave Mexico. In 2005 he left Mexico. In 2007 he applied for asylum and his application was granted in September 2008.