Cases & Advocacy

In re Raul

Status: Closed

Outcome: Asylum Granted

Location: Peru

Originally from Peru, Raul is a transgender man who, from a very early age, knew that he was in the wrong body. As a child, he woke up every morning waiting for his body to change from female to male. His family had a difficult time adjusting to their child’s gender identity and expression. In school, he endured verbal and physical attacks, isolation, and harassment on a daily basis. Despite the many obstacles that he faced in obtaining his education, he was admitted into a prestigious university where he pursued his professional degree. However, after all his efforts and struggles to succeed, the university refused to issue him the diploma he had earned due to his gender identity.

With no hope of ever having a peaceful life in his home country, Raul sought refuge in the United States where his relatives resided. His search for legal help went on for nine months and he was ready to give up when he found NCLR. Raul made his way to San Francisco where he proceeded to file for asylum. NCLR, with the assistance of pro bono attorney Cara Jobson at Ark, Wiley and Jobson, filed his application in February 2007. Raul was granted asylum in July 2007.