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Women’s Health Protection Act

The Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) is a federal bill (HR 3755 / S 1975) that, if passed, would establish a statutory right for health care providers to provide, and their patients to receive, abortion care without medically unnecessary restrictions, limitations, and bans that single out abortion and impede access to care. The bill would put a stop to harmful restrictions and bans, and it would protect the right to access abortion care for all, no matter where someone happens to live. With the U.S. Supreme Court preparing to issue an opinion this term that could severely undermine or overturn Roe v. Wade, passing WHPA is more important than ever.

In response to the draconian vigilante abortion ban enacted in Texas last summer, the U.S. House of Representatives passed WHPA on September 24, 2021.  Earlier in 2021, the U.S. Senate held a hearing on the bill, and NCLR submitted testimony in support of the legislation on behalf of 24 organizations representing the interests of LGBTQ people. In January, on the eve of the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we sent a letter to all Senate offices reiterating the support of the LGBTQ community and calling for Senate passage of WHPA.

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