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Rob Depew

Rob Depew has been part of the NCLR family for nearly two decades, as a friend, an ambassador, a Co-Chair of our fall campaign, and as an Impact Club monthly donor. In addition to being a champion for justice with NCLR, Rob is the Founding Partner of RED Law and was recognized for his expertise in employment law as a 2020 “Super Lawyer” in Northern California and for his leadership as a recipient of the 2014 Minority Bar Coalitions’ annual Unity Award. Rob is a proud father and lives in San Francisco with his family.

Enjoy learning more about Rob and his commitment to NCLR’s mission!

How did you get involved with NCLR?

I first learned about NCLR in 2001 when I was a law student at UC Hastings and took a seminar course in LGBT constitutional issues from Kate Kendell, NCLR’s former Executive Director. I was (and am) in awe of Kate’s intellect, humor, compassion and commitment to fighting for social justice. I am inspired and delighted to know that NCLR was and still is out there fighting for my rights and the rights of so many others who suffer under structures of oppression in this country.

What is your favorite NCLR memory?

My favorite memory is when NCLR was lead counsel on behalf of same-sex couples, Equality California, and Our Family Coalition in In re Marriage Cases, the marriage equality case decided favorably by the California Supreme Court on May 15, 2008. I have never before or since been so proud to be a donor to and supporter of an organization as I was when we first won the right to marry a same-sex partner in California.

What motivates you to give to NCLR?

I make a monthly donation to NCLR for two reasons: (1) I trust that NCLR will use that money to advocate zealously and effectively on behalf of those who need it most, for example trans women of color and queer youth; and (2) because I know that it takes money, a lot of money, to operate an effective national organization that is ready to fight those fights, and win, like NCLR does.

What is one word to describe NCLR?

If I had to describe NCLR in one word, it would be a “gift.”

What are your hopes for NCLR in this new chapter of leadership and of our movement for LGBTQ justice?

In this bleak time with so much to despair, the disheartening proliferation of privilege and the interminable oppression of people of color, I hope and expect to see NCLR continue to shine as a luminary force of leadership, vision and action on behalf of the oppressed. I’m grateful for the honor and privilege of supporting this amazing organization.