FAQ – Name and Gender Changes Post-Election 2016


  • Transgender/transsexual

When to change your name and/or gender on any ID or with a state or federal agency can be a very personal decision. Having ID that matches your gender identity and/or presentation can be useful in your day to day life, and may also help to keep you safer in certain situations. If you are considering changing your name and/or gender on your ID, we would suggest prioritizing:

  • Changing your name and/or gender on your U.S. passport, or applying for a U.S. passport with your new name and/or gender, or on your immigration documents
  • Changing your name and/or gender on your social security record

These are documents and records regulated by federal agencies, and are more likely to be directly affected by the change in who is president.

For more information, read our FAQ: faq-name-and-gender-change-post-election

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