Supporting LGBTQI Youth in the Prison Abolition Movement


  • Youth
  • Transgender/transsexual
  • Attorneys
  • Advocates


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning, gender nonconforming, and transgender (LGBTQI) youth are well documented as disproportionally represented in the juvenile justice system. These disparities, coupled with the high visibility of LGBTQI youth as leaders amongst prominent campaigns to abolish the youth prison model, emphasize the importance of examining the concerns facing LGBTQI youth involved in the prison abolition movement, and the strengths they bring to the effort.

This report synthesizes findings from three sets of sources with recommendations and guidance to support this population of young people. Given that the disproportionate negative outcomes experienced by LGBTQI youth in the prison system, this report makes the case for approaching the academic literature with an understanding of intersectionality, in order to support LGBTQI young people involved in a broad range of social movements. This report also serves to highlight ways in which these young people are well poised to become powerful change agents in the movement to end the failed youth prison model.