Cases & Advocacy

In re J.A.

Status: Closed

Outcome: Victory

Location: Mexico

Jurisdiction + Case Number: San Francisco Immigration Court, USCIS

J.A. is a transgender man from Mexico who was the survivor of a violent robbery in San Francisco. Because he cooperated with police in investigating that robbery, he was eligible for a U Visa, which protects immigrants who are victims of certain crimes in the U.S.. and who assist in the investigation or prosecution of criminal activity. J.A. is also a survivor of significant trauma and severe family rejection in Mexico, and, because of the effects of that trauma and rejection and lack of legal immigration status, has struggled to remain economically stable in the U.S..

NCLR worked with Cara Jobson, of counsel, to assist J.A. in his U Visa application, and his status was granted in late 2019.