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Cases & Advocacy

Walsh v. Friendship Village of South County

On July 25, 2018, Mary Walsh, age 72, and Bev Nance, age 68, a married lesbian couple, filed a federal lawsuit in the Eastern District of Missouri against St. Louis senior housing community Friendship Village Sunset Hills. The complaint alleges that Friendship Village violated the federal Fair Housing Act by discriminating against Walsh and Nance on the basis of sex, denying them a unit because they are a same-sex married couple.


Cases & Advocacy

Annie F. and Lyndy R.

Annie and Lyndy had been together for nearly thirteen years when Annie suffered a debilitating stroke. About ten years later, Annie entered hospice care while Lyndy continued to care for her. Despite legal documents designating Lyndy as the person responsible to make medical decisions for her, a state entity removed Annie from her shared home with Lyndy and petitioned for a public guardian.


Cases & Advocacy

Greene v. County of Sonoma

Greene and Scull lived together for 20 years and had executed both mutual powers of attorney for medical and financial decisions and wills naming each other as beneficiaries. In April 2008, County employees separated the couple after Scull fell outside their shared home. In the next three months, County officials ignored the couple’s legal documentation, unlawfully auctioned their possessions, terminated their lease, and forced Greene into an assisted living facility against his will.


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