Green Card

In 2019, NCLR was able to assist at least 15 clients get their legal permanent residency or “green cards.” These are a vital protection for our asylum and U visa clients. Legal permanent residency allows our clients greater freedom of movement and protections for their legal status in this country, and provides a measure of security that less permanent statuses do not. For many of our immigration clients, legal permanent residency lets them begin a new chapter of their lives and...


J.L. was initially granted asylum over 8 years ago, but for personal reasons he returned briefly to his home country and was apprehended at the border when he tried to come back to the U.S.. He was placed in deportation proceedings and a motion from the government to terminate his asylum status was granted. However, NCLR represented him and argued that the motion to terminate his asylum status premature and should therefore be overturned, and that he had in fact complied with the requirements...