child support

Elisa and Emily had twins together while they were in a committed relationship. One of the twins has Down Syndrome and requires round-the-clock medical care. After Elisa and Emily separated, Elisa, the non-biological mother, stopped visiting the twins or providing any financial support. In August 2005, the California Supreme Court held that Elisa is a legal parent and must pay child support. The Court ruled that when a same-sex couple has a child through assisted reproduction, both partners...


NCLR Files Opening Brief in Lesbian Child Support Case (San Francisco, CA November 15, 2004) — The National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) filed a brief with the California Supreme Court in a lesbian child support case Elisa B. v. Superior Court. This case is one of three cases involving children born to lesbian parents currently pending before the California Supreme Court. All three cases pose the question of whether both partners in a same-sex couple who use artificial insemination to have...