NCLR, GLAD File Motion to Permanently Stop Trump-Pence Trans Military Ban

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 12, 2018 Contacts: Lauren Gray, NCLR lgray@nclrights.org / (215) 983-3099 Amanda Johnston, GLAD ajohnston@glad.org / (617) 417-7769 New Trans Military Ban Filing from NCLR, GLAD Would Accelerate Final Court Ruling to Permanently Stop the Trump-Pence Ban GLAD says, “The government’s own documents, newly obtained by discovery,...


NCLR, GLAD Respond to Trump’s Trans Military Ban Plan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 23, 2018 Contacts:  Lauren Gray, NCLR lgray@nclrights.org / (215) 983-3099 Amanda Johnston, GLAD ajohnston@glad.org / (617) 417-7769 Trump Announces Plan for Implementing His Transgender Military Ban Today’s announcement has no immediate impact, as four federal courts have already prohibited the ban from taking...


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