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Tell MA Speaker DeLeo You Support Gender Identity Protections

NCLR is a proud part of the Freedom Massachusetts coalition, the bipartisan campaign working to update the Bay State’s non-discrimination laws to fully protect our transgender friends, family and neighbors.

Our friends at Freedom Massachusetts have passed along an important campaign update to share with you: In the next few days, Speaker Robert DeLeo is polling members of the House to count support for this critical civil rights legislation.

That means in the coming days, Massachusetts representative will be asked whether they support updating the state’s public accommodation law to prohibit gender identity discrimination—and their answer will determine whether or not Speaker DeLeo calls this critical civil rights bill to a vote this year.

Today, we’re asking those in Massachusetts to join us in taking action on this important issue by rushing a message to Speaker DeLeo and other lawmakers and urge them to support this bill, SB 735/HB 1577.

This bill isn’t complicated; it simply brings the prohibitions on gender identity discrimination in line with the rest of Massachusetts’ nondiscrimination laws. And that’s not only the fair thing to do—to protect all people from discrimination—it’s also a change backed by a growing coalition of more than 300 businesses, including every professional sports team in New England.

Right now this important legislation is stalled, and Freedom Massachusetts is asking for help. The grassroots energy generated in the next few days will determine whether transgender Bay Staters will continue to be denied explicit protections from discrimination in places like restaurants, hotels and medical offices.

We’re proud to stand with Freedom Massachusetts in this fight and we hope you’ll get involved, too.
Click here to contact Speaker DeLeo and other lawmakers before it’s too late. Send a message now telling them you want them to advance legislation fully protecting transgender people this year.

Thank you for standing up against discrimination with us.

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