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The spate of anti-transgender youth bills that are proliferating around the United States is insidious and incredibly harmful to the health and well-being of transgender youth in more than half of the country.

NCLR Executive Director Imani Rupert-Gordon speaks about the dangers of these bills restricting medical care and sports access for transgender kids, and urges you to contact your legislators to strongly oppose them NOW! Imani also shares a message of hope and love to the transgender youth that these bills would cause lasting harm to if passed.

If you live in a state where anti-transgender legislation has been proposed, we are asking that you contact your legislators ASAP and let them know that during a deadly pandemic, they should be prioritizing COVID relief and not using transgender kids as political pawns. If you are unsure if there is anti-transgender legislation pending in your state (currently more than 25), please click here.

Please consider sharing this message from Imani on your social media networks using the hashtags: #ProtectTransKids #LetThemPlay

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