(San Francisco, CA, September 15, 2015)—Today, USA Rugby and International Gay Rugby formed a partnership to help promote a diverse and inclusive environment for players, at all levels of rugby, and to end LGBTQ discrimination in all areas of the game.

Statement from National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) Sports Project Director Helen Carroll:

“Ending LGBTQ discrimination in all sports has been one of NCLR’s core missions for 14 years. It’s thrilling to see USA Rugby and International Gay Rugby take these steps to eradicate homophobia in the game. Their efforts will ensure a more inclusive and secure environment for all LGBTQ rugby players around the world, and we hope other professional organization in the U.S. and abroad will follow their example.”

NCLR made history in 2001 by becoming the first LGBTQ national organization to tackle rampant homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia in sports with the launch of its Sports Project. Since the Sports Project’s inception, NCLR has worked to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in sports through advocacy, outreach, and litigation.

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