HealthCare is Caring: Open Letter

We call on our elected leaders to stand up for equal access to health care for transgender youth and adults. The medical community has stated clearly and forcefully that this health care is safe, essential and lifesaving and, yet, some politicians are intent on taking it away. This has to stop. The state bans, the federal funding restrictions, the false “child abuse” investigations – all of it must stop.

Let’s be clear: Healthcare decisions should be made by the patients and their families. Interfering with people’s access to medical care is wrong. Attacking vulnerable youth and undermining families’ decision-making is not leadership.

We are young people and parents. We come from all parts of this country and from differing backgrounds and beliefs.  We are your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues. And we are your constituents. You were elected to create laws to help people, not hurt them. But these laws barring access to medical care are hurting young people and the parents who love them.

Whether you are a lawmaker at the state or federal level, we urge you in the strongest possible terms to reject efforts to take health care away from the transgender people you represent and hurt families.

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