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NEATSummerofActionFBWe know that having one-on-one conversations about equality is one of the best ways to change hearts and minds. Our work around marriage showed us that when we reach out, listen, and share our stories we can create monumental change towards a more just community.

Now we have an amazing new opportunity to create that same change for LGBTQ non-discrimination and transgender equality. We are proud to participate in the #SummerOfAction with the National Equality Action Team (NEAT) to engage our supporters to have phone conversations with folks across the country! Not only will you be creating change, but what we learn from these calls will make our work moving forward more effective and create more WINS!

Once you sign up, our friends at NEAT will provide all the resources and live training and support you need to have successful conversations! The passion you each bring to our work for equality is exactly what we need for this #SummerOfAction. Sign up today to help us make calls from home over the next few weeks and move all of us one step closer to equality and justice!

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