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NoHumanIsIllegalOver the past few days, cities across the country have come to the support of the unaccompanied minors who have fled Central America to immigrate into the United States.

Today, the City and County of San Francisco joins these cities. In a unanimous decision, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution sponsored by Supervisor David Campos to assist in the humanitarian relief effort.

As part of the resolution, the City and County of San Francisco will advocate for “the need for host families and sponsors who can provide safe and stable housing opportunities for the unaccompanied children and work to move children from the shelters into homes of relatives or host families as soon as possible.”

Additionally, the resolution calls for the identification of “city resources to ensure that City Departments, in partnership with non-profit organizations, can offer a continuum of culturally competent relief services to meet the medical, mental health, educational and legal needs of these children and their families.”

The resolution is significant because it reinforces San Francisco’s support for immigrants and the city’s status as a “Sanctuary City.” NCLR supports this resolution because it is crucial that we ensure that these children and their families receive the support they need and know that there are many individuals and cities that stand behind them.

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