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Even as we celebrate a new breakthrough every week, we must be vigilant for threats to our community. Case in point—Arizona.

This week, the Arizona legislature passed a bill which would allow businesses to refuse service, based on their religious beliefs, to LGBTQ people or anyone else. The bill is patently unconstitutional, but we cannot just sit back without taking action. This bill is one of the most brazen attacks our community has ever faced—and it jeopardizes basic anti-discrimination protections for other vulnerable groups as well.

Please take two minutes to call or tweet at the office of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to urge her to veto this outrageous attempt to legalize discrimination. The bill is now on her desk awaiting her signature. Make your voice heard. You can make a difference!

Take action now! Call Governor Brewer at 602.542.4331 or tweet @GovBrewer to veto #AZ #SB1062.

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