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It’s already being called “this summer’s hot documentary”—and soon, you can see The Freedom to Marry documentary for yourself at a theater near you!

The Freedom to Marry is a new, “War Room” style film by award-winning filmmaker Eddie Rosenstein that provides an emotional, behind-the-scenes view of how love won – with a front-row seat of the campaign and strategy that ended marriage discrimination nationwide.

It’s a story of triumph and transformation—a story that forever changed the course of history and the laws of our nation. And it’s a story that you helped to shape.

Capturing the story of a movement that transformed the hearts and minds of a nation is no simple feat. But The Freedom to Marry manages to put forth the truest depiction of how we won marriage nationwide by shining the spotlight on the movement’s greatest heroes: the clients, lawyers and everyday Americans who chose love and belonging over ignorance and bigotry.

In the film, you’ll hear firsthand from April DeBoer & Jayne Rowse of Michigan—who were among the courageous couples, including our Tennessee plaintiffs, who took their fight for marriage equality to the U.S. Supreme Court. And you’ll have a front-row seat as the trailblazing litigators, including GLAD’s Mary Bonauto, prepare to stand before the nine justices of the Supreme Court to make the case for marriage.

Our very own Kate Kendell plays a role in the film as well. Adds Kate: The Freedom to Marry tells the story of how love won. The story is inspiring and powerful. It was an honor for me and for NCLR to play a role is this landmark narrative of our common humanity.”

Watch The Freedom to Marry trailer now! Then stay tuned for a screening near you.



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